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What I offer

Concept Analysis

Analysing of what kind of IT and hardware you need for your business.

Hard/ Software Setup

Needed software setup with installation on hardware and easy rights management

Logo / Web Design

Online presence
including market visibility( if this makes sense ).

Online Support

The combination of these sectors into financially manageable concept you can place on the market.

I studied Management, Law and founded my first own online Business at the age of 19.

I am certified in Project Management, Linux Administrations, Microsoft C++ Programming and Databases.

Past Projects, newest to oldest:

  • RWE/EON Windows 10 Rollout Project as IT Specialist
  • Eurotherm Gmbh Logistic&Titech optimizing Project as Manager
  • Splendour GmbH Finanical&Location optimizing Project as Chief
  • Fun Fabrik GmbH installing and driving Food-GastroSystem as Manager

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